Connie Dover
Celtic Music on the American Frontier

The Border of Heaven

In her fourth solo recording (Named a "Top 10 Folk Release of 2000" by the Boston Globe), Connie Dover brings together the moving ballads of the British Isles and places them side by side with American folk songs that grew out of the Celtic tradition. These are the songs that crossed the ocean in the hearts of immigrants to bloom anew on the American frontier: songs of adventure, longing and hope. Dover's pure, powerful voice is showcased in rich acoustic accompaniment by legendary instrumentalists from both sides of the Atlantic. Performed with rare emotional depth, The Border of Heaven reveals the Celtic-American musical connection as we've never heard it before. With vision and grace, Connie Dover takes listeners to the border of heaven and beyond.

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Featured Musicians:

Connie Dover Vocals
Phil Cunningham Piano, Accordion, Penny Whistles
Johnny Cunningham Fiddle
Jerry O'Sullivan Uilleann Pipes
John Catchings Cello
Dave Pomeroy Fretless bass
Craig Duncan Hammered dulcimer
Bob Burns Upright bass
Russ Barenburg Guitar
Jerry Douglas Dobro
Roger Landes Bouzouki
Skip Gorman Fiddle, Vocal
Paddy League Percussion
Zan McLeod Guitar

With special guests:
John Hartford Banjo
Arthur Shortbull Eagle Bone Whistle


The Blessing 499k
Sweet Betsy from Pike 551k
I Am Going to the West 715k
The Streets of Laredo
Lord Franklin
An Spailpín Fanach
Last Night by the River472k
The Water is Wide 429k or 609k
Wondrous Love
Winter's Night643k
My Dearest Dear
Brother Green

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Produced by Phil Cunningham

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