If Ever I Return

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"Simply astonishing in its beauty...she and the fabulous musicians who play with her have created an exquisite jewel of a Celtic album. Told from the heart, this truly is timeless music."
 - New Age Retailer

 “A spellbinding experience - sublime vocals and celestial arrangement. Connie Dover is one in a million...hear If Ever I Return and find out why."
 - John O'Regan, Radio Limerick, Ireland

"Her voice alone would make any Celtic music fan run out and buy this disc...one of the most refreshing and passionate releases of the year." 
- Hear Music:
World Music in Review

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In If Ever I Return, Connie explores the themes of love and parting through the music of 18th and 19th Century Scotland and Ireland. She has assembled some of the most moving and powerful songs in the Celtic traditions and blended them with American folk music and her own traditionally-styled compositions.

If Ever I Return was recorded in the Crask of Aigas, a village in the Scottish Highlands and home of the album’s producer, Phil Cunningham. Connie, who was born in Arkansas and raised in Missouri, traveled to Scotland to collaborate with Cunningham (who has produced four of Connie’s releases) and the other Scots and Irish musicians who joined her on the album. Recording took place in the “Old Smiddy”, the village blacksmith shop Cunningham converted into a world-class studio.

Perhaps nowhere in the world do the topics of love and parting find a more passionate and beguiling voice than in the music of the Celts. In their passage from generation to generation, these songs do not lose their meaning, but offer the contemporary listener deeper insight into a subject that transcends both centuries and nationalities. In If Ever I Return, Connie Dover's sensitive interpretation of traditional singing styles blends with the collective expertise of her accompanying musicians to create an album of exceptional beauty and integrity. 

"If Ever I Return must surely classify as world music.  And yet, it's so proudly precious it seems to be not of this earth. Let the word go out, Connie Dover's voice has been touched by angels."  - The Pitch, Kansas City

Connie Dover is one of the finest singers of her generation...If Ever I Return is a walk in beauty."
- Joseph Guida, KVMR-FM, Nevada City/Sacramento, California

 "Her voice rings like a crystal bell...she makes angels appear and dance in your mind.  But while critics across the country have rhapsodized about her voice, what is often overlooked is her ability to write strikingly beautiful original music in traditional idioms (an ability overlooked probably because you would rarely guess that her original tunes aren't ageless folk melodies)...I can't recommend this disc highly enough."
- Rick Anderson, Critics' Choice

"This is an album of total fascination, beautifully recorded, produced, played and sung...few traditional-style albums have as much atmosphere as this one."  - Cornstalk Gazette, Australia

"The star of the show is undoubtedly Dover, whose beautiful soprano is warm, lilting and spellbinding on tracks that range from traditional pieces to her own originals." - Auckland Herald, New Zealand

“If you were to say Dover's style was sensitive, mesmerizing, lush, traditional, passionate and pulsing, you could be accused of plagiarizing from Celtic magazine articles and radio show host comments.  Truth, however, is a defense. Here's the kicker, for you citified folk, there ain't a scintilla of twang in the whole shebang.  Goddess of Celtic music, thy name is Connie Dover."
 - The Undertoad (If you Don't Want it Printed, Don't Let It Happen),  Newburyport, Massachusetts.

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Featured Musicians:

Connie Dover: Vocals
Phil Cunningham:
Keyboard, Penny Whistles, Accordion, Trump, Vocal Harmonies
Aly Bain:
Duncan Chisholm: Fiddle
Mánus Lunny: Guitar, Bouzouki, Bodhran
Iáin MacDonald: Scottish Highland Bagpipes, Wooden Flute, Penny Whistle
James MacIntosh: Percussion
Christy O'Leary: Uilleann Pipes
David Patton: Bass

If Ever I Return Lyrics:

  1. Fear an Bháta (The Boatman)
  2. Lady Keith's Lament
  3. Peggy and the Soldier
  4. Ned of the Hill
  5. The Holland Handkerchief
  6. La Fontaine (The Fountain)
  7. Mally Leigh
  8. Who Will Comfort Me?
  9. Shady Grove
  10. Miss Lillian Williams (instrumental)
  11. How Can I Live at the Top of the Mountain?



  1. Fear an Bháta (The Boatman) 3:10
  2. Lady Keith's Lament 4:54
  3. Peggy and the Soldier 4:32
  4. Ned of the Hill 7:21
  5. The Holland Handkerchief 7:55
  6. La Fontaine (The Fountain) 4:39
  7. Mally Leigh 4:14
  8. Who Will Comfort Me? 7:01
  9. Shady Grove 3:59
  10. Miss Lillian Williams 4:55
  11. How Can I Live at the Top of the Mountain? 8:23

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