How Can I Live at the Top of the Mountain

How can I live at the top of the mountain
With no money in my pocket and no gold for to count it?
But I would let the money go all for to please her fancy
And I would marry no one but my bonnie blue-eyed lassie

She's my bonnie blue-eyed lassie with an air so sweet and tender
Her walk, like a swan that floats, and her waist so small and slender
Her golden hair in ringlets fell all on her snow-white shoulders
And I'd ask her for to marry me, and there's no one could be bolder

Some people say that she is very low in station
And other people say she'll be the cause of my ruination,
But let them all say what they will, to me she will prove constant still
Till the day that I die she will be my own lovely lady

Lightly swims the swan o'er the clear and flowing water
And blithely sings the nightingale, so happy to behold her
The winds do blow, the moorcocks crow, the moon, it shines so deeply
But deeper by far is my love for my own lady

Traditional Irish
From the CD, If Ever I Return, by Connie Dover © Taylor Park Music/Connie Dover

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