Personent hodie
Voces puerulae
Laudates jucunde
Qui nobis est natus

Personent hodie
Voces puerulae
Laudates jucunde
Qui nobis est natus
Summo Deo datus

Ideo, ideo, ideo gloria in excelsis Deo

His the doom, ours the mirth
When he came down to earth
Flower of Jesse's tree
Born on earth to save us
Him the Father gave us

Ideo, ideo, ideo gloria in excelsis Deo

Is airiu agus a leanbh cad a dhéanfaidh mé
Tá tú ar shiúl uaim agus airiú

Lives my quiet cell within
Thou in me dwelling
All is lie but Jesukin

Jesu of the skies
My little one, Thou my delight
I with Thee, Thou with me
Next my heart through every night

'S airiú
Who hangs from yonder passion tree?
Your son, dear Mother
Do you not know me?

Judas, James and John
Have you seen my only son?
Ochon! My eyes are blind
Ochon! My heart is wrung

Stella Maris, Semper Clara
Rosa Munde, Res Miranda
Misterium Mirabile

'S airiú agus ochon!
Sad I am till you return
To have you at the break of dawn!
Ochon airiú
Without you!

Translation from Latin and Irish Gaelic into English

Latin Verse:
Today let youthful voices
Sound forth joyous praises
Of Him who is born for us,
The gift of the most high God
Therefore, "Glory to God in the highest."

Gaelic Verse:
Is airiúi! (a keen or exclamation of lament -- no literal translation)
And what shall I do, my child!
You've been gone from me for a long time
Is airiúi!

Latin Canticle/Countermelody:
Star of the Sea, ever bright
Spotless Rose, most admirable
Wondrous Mystery

Praise, honor
Strength and glory
Are fitting for you, Oh Mary

Medley arranged by Connie Dover. Personent Hodie, 14th Century Latin carol; Jesukin music by Connie Dover; lyrics adapted and arranged by Connie Dover from 8th Century Irish poem attributed to St. Ita and Caoineadh Mhuire, traditional Irish.

From the CD, Somebody (Songs of Scotland, Ireland and Early America) by Connie Dover
Sheet music available through Taylor Park Music, Inc.

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