My heart is sore, I dare not tell, my heart is sore for Somebody
I would walk a winter's night all for a sight of Somebody

If Somebody were come again then one day he must cross the main
And everyone will get his own and I will see my Somebody

Ochon, for Somebody, Och hey, for Somebody,
I would do, would I do not, All for the sake of Somebody

Why need I comb my tresses bright, oh, why should coal or candlelight
Shine in my bower day or night since gone is my dear Somebody

Oh, I have wept many a day for one that's banished far away
I cannot sing and must not say how sore I grieve for Somebody

Music: traditional Irish; lyrics: traditional Scottish
Adapted by Connie Dover
From the CD, Somebody (Songs of Scotland, Ireland and Early America) by Connie Dover

An 18th Century Scottish code song about the exiled Bonnie Prince Charlie, and one of many songs which express yearning for a Stuart king on the throne of Scotland. I have set the lyrics to a variant of the Irish tune, "The Star of the County Down."

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