Laddie Lie Near Me

Long have we parted been,
Laddie, my dearie,
Now we have met again,
Laddie, lie near me.

Long have I sought thee,
Thy face to cheer me,
Dear has it cost me,
Laddie, lie near me.

Near me, near me
Laddie, lie near me
Now we have met again
Laddie, lie near me

Here in the firelight,
What joy to see thee
All the long winter night,
Laddie, lie near me

All that I have endured,
Laddie, my dearie,
Here in thy arms is cured,
Laddie, lie near me.

My heart will never stray,
Never deceive thee,
Delight shall drive care away,
Laddie, lie near me.

18th Century Scottish
Adapted by Connie Dover
From the CD, The Wishing Well, By Connie Dover © Taylor Park Music, Inc.

From The Scots Musical Museum, published in 1790, and the third of six volumes of native Scots songs that were collected, printed and sold by an Edinburgh engraver named James Johnson. I have lengthened a version of the song which Johnson entitled simply, "Old Words."

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