Where Shall I Go? (A Cowboy's Hard Times)

Oh I once was a cowboy and i used to run wild
And I rodeoed and wrangled and rambled in style
But I'm too old for horses, too old for the show
And I'm too young for heaven now where shall I go?

Where shall I go? Where shall I go?
I am too young for heaven, now where shall I go?

Oh I once had a true love and I made her my wife,
And I swear I loved her near most of my life
But the cold of the winter and wind laid her low
And she's gone on before me, now where shall I go?

Oh, I never was a drunkard but this I will say
The taste of the whisky gets better each day
The bartender scowled you are drinking to slow
And we close in ten minutes, now where shall I go

Now it's out in the evening with the stars burning bright
Nothing but memories to share with the night


Words & music by Bill Staines
From the CD, The Wishing Well, by Connie Dover © Taylor Park Music

I first met Bill Staines when he visited the Wyoming cattle ranch where I work as a trail cook during ranch cattle drives and round-ups. Bill entertained us around the campfire with his repertoire of traditional and original ballads, including this song, which was inspired by his encounter with an old-time cowboy outside a saloon in Cutbank, Montana.

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