If Ever I Return
Taylor Park Music TPMD 0201
"Her second album is so achingly pure, so timeless, it transcend the mundane world and transports me to a better, finer place...it just tears at me with his loveliness. 
- Ladyslipper News

"The Wishing Well is a gorgeous and endlessly interesting set of music abetted by many of the foremost instrumentalists in traditional Celtic music. Dover has achieved the task of making an album of quiet beauty, without leaving out the passion...You'll want to listen to this one all evening long. And for many evenings to come. 
- Bob McWilliams, Kansas Public Radio

"I have become besotted with this album...having listened to The Wishing Well so many times that I have completely blown my reviewing schedule." 
- Lawrence Heath, Folk Roots, London

AFIM Indie Finalist
Living Tradition "Album of the Year Award" Nominee (Scotland)

List of Musicians & Sound Samples |Lyrics to Songs from If Ever I Return

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The long-awaited successor to her acclaimed debut album, Somebody, this collection of Celtic songs and ballads highlights Connie's ravishing voice and richly-layered vocal harmonies.

The Wishing Well is a quietly stunning musical journey that carries the listener from the highlands of Scotland to the cloisters of medieval Europe, and from 17th Century Ireland to the wilderness of the American West. The pure acoustic backing is a collation of instrumental lushness performed by Scotland and Ireland's finest traditional musicians. 

"A collection as radiant as its predecessor...always elegant and sensual...the logical musical progression of an outstanding performer...this second CD, like its predecessor, absolutely belongs in your collection!"
 - Massimo Ferro, La Voce, Italy

"Inventive, elegant and extremely enjoyable after a thousand listens, The Wishing Well is an impressive addition to the local, and national, music culture."  - The Pitch, Kansas City

"The music is wonderfully atmospheric, and supportive of the lyrics and the singer.  Connie Dover sings with such great care and knowledge of the emotional content of the words.  She has the voice of an angel.  In my humble opinion we must now add Connie Dover's name to the list of the great singers of our time." 
- Joseph Guida, KVMR-FM, Nevada City/Sacramento, California

"A sumptuous listening pleasure.  The Wishing Well reaffirms the fact that Connie Dover has talent by the bucketful.  Essential listening."  - John O'Regan, Radio Limerick, Ireland        

"The opening track is a stunning mix of pop and tradition, and the rest of album only gets better...Play it!!" 
- Cliff Furnald, CMJ New Music Report

"An excellent work with true feeling.  A rare find!"  - Chinese Press, Singapore 

"She may come from the land of hamburgers, cowboys and cola, but Celtic musical blood runs through her veins." - New FolkSounds, Netherlands

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Featured Musicians:

Connie Dover (Vocals)
Phil Cunningham
(Keyboard, Accordion, Tin Whistle, Cittern, Guitar)
Mánus Lunny
(Bouzouki, Guitar)
Christy O'Leary
(Uilleann Pipes)
Aly Bain
Brian McNeill
(Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar)
Neil Hay
(Fretless Bass)
James MacIntosh

The Wishing Well Lyrics

  1. In Aimsir Bhaint an Fhéir
    (At Hay Cutting Time)
  2. Laddie, Lie Near Me
  3. Hughe the Graeme
  4. Siúil a Rúin
  5. Weston (instrumental)
  6. Where Shall I Go?
    (A Cowboy's Hard Times)
  7. Ubi Caritas
  8. Willie of Winsbury
  9. The Colorado Trail
  10. The Wishing Well
  11. Summer Before the War


  1. In Aimsir Bhaint an Fhéir (At Hay Cutting Time)
  2. Laddie, Lie Near Me 805k
  3. Hugh the Graeme
  4. Siúl a Rúin
  5. Weston
  6. Where Shall I Go? (A Cowboy's Hard Times)
  7. Ubi Caritas 750k
  8. Willie of Winsbury 640k
  9. The Colorado Trail
  10. The Wishing Well
  11. Summer Before the War



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